Many children have misaligned teeth. An appropriate, individually tailored correction is defined jointly by detailed preliminary investigations with the child and parents and often implemented over several years. Modern computational methods give at the beginning of treatment an impression of the desired result.
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Orthodontics for Children

«The mouth is not everything, but without the mouth there is nothing.»

Many children today have to be treated with orthodontics because of misaligned teeth. The development of the jaws, teeth and oral cavity should be paid just as much care and attention as other stages of a child’s development. The physical and mental development of a child also depends on oral cavity development. The mouth is always part of the action, even when it is not used for chewing, swallowing or speaking. It expresses many emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, surprise or joy.

Treatment spectrum

Before treatment begins, a detailed discussion is held and careful dental findings are discovered using modern measuring methods. We use modern computer technology as part of the diagnostics which is certain to produce very accurate results. A digital, low-radiation X-ray is standard at our clinic. It’s only once these steps have been taken that the treatment can be assured based on desired results. Treatment occurs using either removable or fixed equipment and usually lasts several years. Motivation to wear the retainer and proper oral hygiene are both important throughout the entire process to ensure the treatment’s success. By using special programmes, we help our young patients to ensure that courage and drive are not lost over the entire treatment duration.Treatment spectrum:
  • plate apparatus
  • functional orthopaedic jaw appliances
  • multiband technique.